2024 Joe Weber Youth Tournament

Snohomish County USBC Youth Tournament Rules

  1. Tournament is a Singles Handicap tournament and shall be open to All Snohomish County USBC youth bowlers including Snohomish County High School Recreational league and WIAA bowlers. All bowlers must have a USBC youth card.
  2. USBC Youth Division rules and regulations will govern the tournament. USBC Youth division code will be enforced. All entrants must be eligible under USBC Rule 400.
  3. Entry Fee will be $20.00 per person/per event. Bowling expenses & lineage $13.00 and Scholarships $7.00.
  4. Classifications are as follows:
    • High School – Average of 161 or higher
    • Majors – Average of 136 – 160
    • Juniors – Average of 111 – 135
    • Beginners – Average 80 – 100
    • Bumper – Must be bowling in the Bumper program this year or last year
  5. Handicap: Handicap will be based on 100% of 220.
  6. Entries must be accompanied by the full amount due – make checks payable to Snohomish County USBC.
  7. Check-in will start at 9:30am, one-half hour prior to start of the squad.
  8. Parent / Guardian email contact information is required for distribution notification of SMART funds.
  9. Entering Average: The average to be used for this tournament will be in the order of:
    • Highest average as of 2022/2023 season for 21 games or more.
    • Highest average from previous winter season for 21 games or more.
    • Highest average with 9 games or more as of February 1st, 2024.
    • Highest current average with minimum of 9 games at the time of competition.
    • If no current or prior averages can be verified, bowler will enter at an average of 220 and receive zero handicap.
  10. Coaching will not be allowed in the settee area during tournament. Coaching is allowed behind the settee area and
  11. must not impact the order of play of the participants.
  12. Awards: one out every six (6) entries or major fraction thereof will receive (scholarships) payable to entrant’s
    SMART account.
  13. Bowlers shall conduct themselves in a courteous manner. (a) No use of tobacco products or consumption of
    alcoholic beverages (b) No use of loud, profane language or gestures (c) one-lane courtesy rules to be used (d) No
    gambling or pull tab playing during tournament play (e) no sharing of bowling equipment during the same squad.
  14. All bowlers must wear suitable and properly fitted attire. No hats, clothing/equipment advertising alcohol/tobacco
    products, no offensive or suggestive shirts and no shorts allowed except skorts. No sweats, spandex, baggy pants
    or shorts. Tournament official will have final say on questionable attire. Participants will not be allowed to bowl
    unless properly attired.
  15. Appeal or protest regarding tournament scores shall be made in writing to tournament management within 48
    hours. Tournament official decides disputes occurring on the lanes.
  16. Spectators must adhere to same behavior conduct as participants. No flash or lighted video cameras will be
    allowed once tournament play begins. Alcohol consumption behind the participants is not allowed.
  17. Under the direction of the tournament management, confirmations e-mailed for this tournament if an e-mail
    address is provided.


c/o Dennis Jackson, Assn. Mgr.
17517 Highland View Dr.
Arlington, WA 98223-6399
(425) 353-5113