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Snohomish County USBC Singles Tournament Rules

  1. This tournament is certified by USBC.
  2. All bowlers must be members of the United States Bowling Congress.
  3. Bowlers must submit the previous season’s highest single-league average based on a minimum of 21 games.
    • Bowlers without a 2023-2024 average may use their highest 2023 spring league average of 21 or more games.
    • Bowlers without either of the above averages may use a current league average of 21 or more games as of November 1, 2023.
    • All other bowlers will bowl scratch, based on an average of 220.
    • Per USBC rule 319a3, it shall be each bowler’s responsibility to verify accuracy of his/her average, whether originally submitted by the bowler, the team captain, or others. Failure to use the proper average or make corrections prior to completion of the first game of any event shall disqualify score if submitted average is lower than actual average, or base prize winnings on submitted average if it is higher.
    • USBC rule 319a2 (average is 10 pins higher this current season) does not apply to this tournament. If you have a sport league average that is higher than your regular league average then you must use the sport average.
  4. USBC rule 319d (report prize winnings), and USBC Rule 319e (average adjustment requirements) shall apply to all entrants in this tournament.
  5. Handicap is 90% of 220.
  6. Singles consisting of one set of three games for each of three age divisions:
    • 14 – 21 years old
    • 22 – 49 years old
    • 50 – 64 years old
    • 65+ years old
  7. Entry fee is $30 per person for each event, as follows: Prize fund $17.00, $13.00 expenses. The prize fund will be returned 100%, paying 1 in 6 in each event of division.
  8. Entries must include all entry fees and be submitted to the tournament director by postmark at midnight on Monday April 7th, 2024. A $40.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks.
  9. This is a singles-only tournament without gender requirements.
  10. Per USBC Rule 314, after an entry has been received, and the dates assigned by the Tournament Director are not refused before preparation of the schedule, the entry fee cannot be refunded.
  11. Lane assignments are computer generated and final. Only the Tournament Manager may modify the lane assignments, and only if there are lane/equipment malfunctions.
  12. Under the direction of the tournament management, confirmations e-mailed for this tournament if an e-mail address is provided.
  13. Youth must sign a waiver and will receive scholarship moneys in lieu of cash prizes.